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Surety Bond List - Ohio

business insurance from advantage insuranceCategory: Contractors License

Bond Description:

  • Aurora - Contractor
  • Avon - Contractor
  • Akron - Contractor
  • Beachwood - Plumbing and/or Sewer Contractor
  • Bedford - Contractor
  • Bedford Heights - Contractor
  • Barberton - Contractor
  • Brecksville - Contractor
  • Broadview Heights - Contractor
  • Brook Park - Contractor
  • Brooklyn Heights - Contractor
  • Brown County - Plumbing
  • Brunswick - Contractor
  • Campbell - Electrical Contractor
  • Canfield - Contractor
  • Canton - Contractor
  • Centerville - Electrical & Heating, Ventilation, Air
  • Conditioning
  • Contractor
  • Chagrin Falls - Contractor
  • Chillicothe - Contractor
  • Cincinnati - Licensed Sewer Tapper
  • Cincinnati Water Works - Certified Persons
  • Clermont County - Plumbing
  • Clermont County - Septic tank contractor
  • Cleveland - Backflow Tester's
  • Cleveland - Demolition
  • Cleveland - Electrical Contractor
  • Cuyahoga Falls - General Contractor
  • Cleveland - H.V.A.C.
  • Cleveland - Master Plumber
  • Cleveland - Sewer Builder
  • Cleveland Heights - Contractor
  • Contractors License Bond - Compliance
  • Contractors License Bond - With Third Party Liability
  • Darke County - Plumbing Contractors and Plumbing
  • Employees
  • Dayton - Electrical Contractor
  • Dayton - Plumbing and Pipe Laying Contractor
  • Dayton - Sidewalk Builder
  • Dayton - Warm Air Heating Registration Bond
  • Dayton: contracts $2,500 and under - Home Improvement Contractor
  • Dayton: contracts over $2,500 - Home Improvement Contractor
  • East Cleveland - Contractor
  • Euclid - Contractor
  • Grove City - Contractor
  • Harrison Township - Contractor
  • Lorain - Contractor
  • Loveland - Water
  • Maple Heights - Contractor
  • Massillon - Electrical Contractor
  • Massillon - Home Improvement Contractor
  • Medina County - Sewage Installation Contractor
  • Mentor - Contractor
  • Montgomery County - Heating, Ventilation and Aiir Conditioning
  • Montgomery County: Combined Health District - Plumbing
  • Montgomery County: Sanitary Engineering Department -
  • Plumbing (outside sewer & water work)
  • Niles - Contractor
  • North Ridgeville - Contractor
  • North Royalton - Contractor
  • Northfield - Contractor (Residential)
  • Oakwood Village - Contractor
  • Oregon - Sidewalk and Driveway Contractor
  • Oregon: Performance Bond - Contractor
  • Ottawa County - Contractor
  • Painesville - HVAC Contractor
  • Parma - Contractor
  • Portage County - Contractor
  • Preble County - Electrician
  • Ravenna - Contractor
  • Reminderville - Contractor
  • Reynoldsburg - Contractor
  • Rocky River - Contractor
  • Shaker Heights - Sewer and Plumbing Contractor
  • South Euclid - Electrical
  • South Euclid - General Building Trades
  • South Euclid - HVAC
  • South Euclid - Plumbing
  • South Euclid - Right-of-Way Work
  • State of Ohio - Private Water Systems Contractor
  • Streetsboro - Contractor
  • Summit County - Contractor
  • Tiffin - Contractor
  • Trotwood - Contractor
  • Trumbull County - Electrical Contractor
  • Trumbull County - Mechanical Contractor
  • Twinsburg - Contractor
  • Union County - Plumbing
  • University Heights - Contractor
  • Vermilion - Contractor
  • Walton Hills - Contractor
  • Warren - Contractor
  • Warren County - Electrical/HVAC Contractor
  • Warren County - Plumbing Contractor
  • Wellington - Contractor
  • Westlake - Contractor
  • Whitehall - Contractor
  • Wickliffe - Contractor
  • Willoughby - Contractor
  • Willoughby Hills - Contractor
  • Willowick - Contractor
  • Youngstown - Contractor

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Surety Bond List - Ohio
Category: Court - Plaintiff

Bond Description:

  • Attachment - All other courts
  • Cost - All other courts
  • Cost on Appeal - All other courts
  • Garnishment - All other courts
  • Injunction - All other courts
  • Replevin - All other courts
  • Sheriff Indemnity - All other courts
  • Temporary Restraining Order - All Other Courts

Bond Category: License and Permit

Bond Description:

  • Norwood - Right of Way
  • State of Ohio - Individual Auctioneer
  • State of Ohio - Mortgage Brokers
  • State of Ohio - Public Insurance Adjuster
  • State of Ohio - Surplus Line Broker
  • State of Ohio: Corporation, Partnership, Association -
  • Auctioneer
  • Tallmadge - Right of Way

Bond Category: Misc.

Bond Description:

  • Miscellaneous State of Ohio - Lottery
  • Utility Payment Bond
  • Public Official (Dual Position) All Treasurer and tax collector or Treasurer
  • collector (except State Treasurer)
  • All Other Treasurers (except State Treasurer)
  • All public officials without funds handling
  • All Subordinate Employees Handling Money
  • All Tax Collectors or any Official charged with duties of Tax
  • Collector
  • Assessor
  • Auditor
  • Constable
  • Court Clerk
  • Deputies handling money
  • Judges
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Peace Officers
  • Sheriff and subordinates
  • State of Ohio - Deputy Registrar

Bond Category: Public Official.

Bond Description:

  • Sale of Watercraft Certificates of Registration
  • Township Trustee

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Commercial Automotive Insurance

Downtime for your commercial vehicles is more than an inconvenience— it’s lost profit. That’s why our commercial coverage and service get you back on the road fast.

We know all you really want is to keep your vehicles on the road. All the services Safeco offers are designed around convenience and speed for you—not us. Our coverage is broad and yet it is very competitively priced.

Our coverage really covers

Your agent has all the specifics of the coverage but here are a few of the most popular features. Newly acquired or newly formed entities in Ohio receive up to 180 days of automatic coverage for their commercial autos. We also offer full-coverage glass repair. And if one of your private passenger type vehicles is stolen we provide transportation expenses of $50 per day up to $1,500. Similar to car insurance.

Drive-in claims centers
You have a tight schedule so we don’t force you to fit into ours. Our drive-in claims service is fast and efficient and allows you to pick the time that works for you. These centers are convenient to the Akron, Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls area.

Our PACE program gets it done right
By using our Premier Auto Claims Experience program (PACE) you can be sure that work done on your vehicle will be done right, and done fast. In fact, we’ll guarantee the repairs for as long as you own the vehicle. You pick the time and we handle the paperwork so no money even needs to change hands.

Special Total Loss Unit
In case your vehicle suffers a total loss we have a special unit that will streamline your claim. They will help make this process as easy as possible—even moving titles to get you up and running.

Rental Center
Our Rental Center plays a key role in your profitability. They make sure that you have the rental vehicle you need and also monitor the repair shop to make sure your vehicle is back as soon as possible. And rental expenses for light trucks and
private passenger vehicles are covered up to $25 per day for up to 30 days. Centralized Salvage Unit Safeco streamlines and expedites this frustrating process. We will immediately take steps to purchase your vehicle and handle all the necessary titling paperwork.

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Please Note:
Coverage statements shown are simplified descriptions only.
The full and exact contract is contained only in the policy. Eligible classes of business are limited. The Safeco Insurance Companies operate through different affiliates in each state. Be sure to check with your agent to determine which companies offer this product
in your state. This is available in Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls and most of Ohio.


General Loss
Protects your buildings and business personal property, including computer equipment and glass, from certain losses due to fire, vandalism, theft,windstorm, water exposure or other perils. All covered in Akron, Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls.

Business Income Protection
Provides coverage for loss of earnings and/or extra expenses after a covered loss, for up to 12 months.

Accounts Receivable
Provides $25,000 coverage for amounts due from your customers that you are unable to collect because of loss or damage to records.*

Equipment Breakdown
Covers damages related to certain equipment failure which is often not covered by warranties or property policies.

Valuable Papers or Records
Provides $25,000 coverage for loss of documents, manuscripts and records, including data and media, caused by a covered hazard.*

Money and Securities
Provides coverage for theft, disappearance, or destruction of money and securities at your covered premises, at a bank, or while in transit. This covers up to $10,000 on premises and $5,000 off premises. Higher limits are available.

Employee Dishonesty
Provides $15,000 coverage for loss of your business property and money and securities caused by covered dishonest acts committed by your employees.

Forgery or Alteration
Provides $5,000 coverage for losses involving forgery or alteration of checks, drafts, and other covered instruments.*

Sewer or Drain Backup
Provides $5,000 coverage for damage caused by
water that backs up from a sewer, drain, or sump.*

Outdoor Signs
Provides $7,500 for damage to your outdoor sign caused by a covered hazard.*
*Basic coverage limit provided – additional coverage may be purchased.

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General Liability
For covered acts, provides protection for damages legally owed to others as a result of your business operations. Choose one of four amounts of coverage to cover claims of the following: Bodily injury,
Property damage, Personal and advertising injury.

Tenants Liability
Pays for property damage loss, for which you are legally liable, to premises rented to you, up to policy limits.

Medical Payments Coverage
Helps pay doctor bills for accidental injuries up to $10,000, even if the accident does not involve legal liability.

Optional Coverages:

Employee Benefit Liability

Covers you for financial loss related to private employee benefit programs due to administrator’s errors and omissions.

Nonowned/Hired Auto Liability
Covers you for exposures due to nonowned or hired commercial autos when no other auto policy exists (not available in all states)(Available in Ohio).

Garagekeepers Insurance
Provides coverage for damage to your customer’s auto when left in your care, custody, and control. Sometimes covered by car insurance.

Liquor Liability
Provides coverage for injury and damages you are legally liable for as a result of selling alcoholic beverages in Ohio.

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Contractors Insurance

You can usually bid work without liability insurance but most often you cannot perform the work without the liability insurance.
The insurance costs vary based upon the amount of liability you go with, ie: one million, two million, three million or more (lately it seems that the minimum amount of insurance owners and/or general contractors are requiring is two million).
It also varies based upon the type of work you will be doing, the gross receipts of your company and total payroll expenses.

For most every project you work on, you will be required to provide an original 'certificate of insurance' from your insurance agent. Some of these insurance agents excel in how quickly they supply the certificate to your customer, and other agents do not. Cities of Akron, Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls all accept our certificates.

Many times you cannot step foot onto a project until the general contractor has that certificate of insurance from your agent. If your agent makes a mistake and does not supply the certificate soon enough, it could feasibly throw you into breach of contract with your general contractor because you are unable to man the job when you are supposed to because you have not provided the certificate of insurance. It is not unreasonable to expect that a certificate of insurance be processed on the same business day that you have made the request, provided you're not trying to "slip it in under the wire".

Some agents will automatically mail you a copy of the 'cert' (certificate of insurance) at the same time that they mail an original to your customer, but if you have a quick job you may need a copy quicker than the postal service can deliver one to you.

A suggestion here is: when you request your agent to mail a 'cert' to your customer, also request that the agent fax a copy to you. The reason for this is two-fold: a) peace of mind that your request has been processed and b) in times of urgency, general contractors will usually accept a fax copy with your promise that an original is in the mail to him.

Chances are that the 'cert' is being mailed if you have received a fax copy (without the fax copy you really don't have any assurance whether or not the certificate is being processed in a reasonable amount of time, until and unless your general contractor and/or owner calls you and tells you that they have not received the certificate).